Ashley Jane vs. Celeste


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Celeste Star vs.Ashley Jane


Time: 19 Minutes/ 405 MB

Petit can be so wonderful! Beautiful little blonde doll, that’s Ashley Jane, yes she is petit but so full of spunk, so ready to rumble – you will love this ball of fire. The wee blonde has a rock hard body and a winning smile and oh she is so much fun to watch. Celeste is as tough as they come for her size and she found this newcomer to be a real hand full. In the corner splendid Celeste traps her victim and puts on a beat down, then to the canvas she throws her and applies a devastating figure four, but our little warrior is not detoured as she comes back and quickly gets Celeste’s top off and also gets her trapped in the ropes with a savage choke. They both apply great scissors with their decievingly strong slight legs. Our little blond doll also puts on a fantastic leg hold that splits poor Celeste and bends her leg almost to the breaking point. Small but ready to take on anyone, Ashley Jane is one fabulous little dolly – DT is so lucky to find these little gems – so lucky to welcome this beautiful blonde – you’ll want to eat her up!!!!


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