Ashley Rose vs. Puma


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Time: 23 Minutes / 471 MB

You want a big, bountiful, beautiful blonde – you can’t handle big blondie – that is unless you’re the big pussy. That’s right the big cat takes on the big new blonde; Ashley Rose. Big is beautiful and Ashley Rose is out to prove this and she also thinks she’s big enough to give Puma a run for his money. The big cat gets in a few holds but let’s face it, he’s nothing if he can’t do some big lifts, but can he get big beautiful up or is this just too much girl for the big cat – NO, it is not – he not only picks her up, he does it over and over with many pick ups; back breakers, cradles to back breakers, over his back to a one shoulder back breaker. How dare this bountiful newbie take on the infamous cat, she may be big and tough but she is no match for the Puma, and to teach her a lesson Puma takes down her top and adds a little breast work, tweaking those pert nipples just to show her, she may be big, beautiful and blonde but she is no match for the PUMA. Now we just can’t wait to see Ashley Rose in with some of the girls, she will be bigger than our girls so it should produce some great fun and she is so anxious for those custom matches – SHE CAN’T WAIT TO SHOW OFF HER STUFF WITH THE DT GIRLS!!!!


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