Sasha vs. Serena


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DT is working hard to bring you the most amazing selection of female fighters anywhere in the world so when our friends at told us that there was a young girl next door type that was very tough and loved to wrestle women we had to give her a try, and to see how tough she was we got Serena Blair to fight her, now Serena does competitive fighting so we all know how tough she is. Let me tell you Sasha Heart was amazing, she went toe to toe with Serena and she has no real experience, Sasha is an oh so cute blonde, she is young and wild and just loves to get physical. A lithe young very flexible body that is deceivingly strong, she rolled into some great scissors and amazing holds she made up on the fly but mostly she was so competitive giving the cute very strong Serena everything she could handle. We just love that young girl next door look, especially when the girl next door can kick some ass and loves doing it, not to mention she is one sexy girl that loves touching and being touched by women. A super tough young blonde that is so ready to roll, get ready because she is!!!


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