Ashley vs. Christina


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Ashley Steel vs. Christina Carter


Time: 22 Minutes/ 408MB

Ashley Steel, our next fresh face and what a face – this is a true beach bunny – blond, tan and can always found on the beach – that is unless she’s taking on the voluptuous Christina Carter. Yes our little beach bunny gets down and dirty as she and Christina rip each other’s clothes off – down to just nylons and heels – just the way we like them. They start out slugging, then these wild women move to the floor where their strong legs try desperately to squeeze the tan off of each other. Now the nylons become a weapon as they try to wedgie each other into two pieces. These beautiful vixens love to roll on this living room floor and get after each other and you will love to watch all the way up to that last vicious bite that sinks into a tender mound of breast flesh. So welcome Ashley – let’s get her off the beach and into the fray – she loves to fight and we love to watch her.


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