Billie vs. Monster


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Billie vs. Monster


Time: 17 Minutes/ 345 MB

This monster guy is one mean guy, but Billie thinks she can handle him and oh does she handle him – she even gives him a stinky face in the corner. She rubs her big beautiful ebony ass in his face and big monster guy with the spiked face is really humiliated. But like all bad sports monster guy plays dirty and when Billie isn’t looking he gets his barbed wire covered bat and comes up behind her, now he’s going to pay her back for humiliating him. He is going to destroy her, it’s non stop destruction, on her breasts then down below where the pain becomes unbearable. He couldn’t win fair but cheating her gets his revenge, poor Billie is bleeding from his destruction – she is one tough girl but this just isn’t fair !!! If blood or destruction aren’t your thing this is not the one for you.


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