Miko vs. Grunt


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Miko Sinz vs. Grunt


Time: 21 Minutes / 443 MB

Grunt may not be as big as Puma but he is out to prove he’s just as strong, ok maybe Imm getting a bit carried away – no I’m not, if anyone is getting carried away it’s Miko Sinz, yes literally carried away as Grunt carries her in oh so many ways: over his shoulders, front and back, fireman carry, cradle carry and even squats with her on his back just to show big Puma he’s just as strong. Poor sweet Miko tries her best to fight this tough guy but she always ends up on the mat where Grunt destroys her with camel clutches, stretches and chokes, along with a plethora of other painful holds. The evil Grunt constantly uses her long mane to control our Asian damsel as he has his way with her and enjoys it so. But always he goes back to the lift and carry as he wants to show how strong he is and I must say he man handles the gorgeous Miko from one end of the ring to the other. Miko is so beautiful in her constant distress and Grunt definitely gets carried away with his destruction… no Miko gets carried away with his destruction !!!!

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