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Time: 20 min

Venus Delight wants a rematch with Jada Fire – she wants to win Rich back. Jada dismisses her till the big blond lands a hard right to her gut, many more slugs finds the curvaceous Jada up against the wall Where Venus begins the breast destruction. Then on to a super wedgie and many hard slaps on the ass, not finished she strips her nude and continues the demolition – breast, ass, crotch – she destroys them all and just when she’s ready to finish her with a hard right Jada grabs Venus hard between the legs and now it’s her turn to ravage. With glee she attacks the same spots, Venus’s white ass turns red from slaps, and her large breasts are savagely attacked and of course Jada returns the favor between her legs. Jada wants to take this one step further so she mauls Venus’s ample breasts, harder and harder she pulls and pushes till she gets milk to flow – yes she milks Venus’s breasts. The pain, the humiliation, can Venus come back, can she be the milker instead of the milked? Two voluptuous babes that love to mix it up!


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