Cali vs. Leonard


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Cali Logan vs. Leonard


Time: 21 Minutes/ 465 MB

Number two in the Cali duo pits the little cutie against Leonard, our little wild cat is ready for this one – she came to fight and poor Leonard finds out how tough a woman can be. Cali uses every trick in the book, knees to his gut, ax handles to his back, head and body scissors that she grinds in and while this little she cat has one fabulous body that all men would love to have on them, when she body splashes Leonard with all her might, well he’s not so sure he feels so good about that beautiful body on him. But don’t think this is a one sided match, by no means – they both work their painful magic, he employes; body slams, pick ups that drop to back breakers, pile drivers, clothes lines and oh so many more. It’s a great male vs. female battle where they are both bent on destruction but only one is able to walk away with a victory!!!


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