Melissa vs. Puma


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Time: 20 Minutes/ 502 MB

What’s this, Puma has been arrested, he’s in hand cuffs and an orange jump suit and the sexiest sherif’s deputy ever is beating the hell out of him with her knight stick, Melissa Jacobs has on the most provocative cop out fit ever, wow it’s amazing – hell it would almost be worth the beating if it came from this red head in that outfit! And I mean she beats on old Puma but good, yet some how our boy gets out of his cuffs and oh here it comes, payback for his savage beating. Get ready because Puma is letting lose all his anger, with blows and lifts he destroys the beautiful long maned beauty, then he even uses the knight stick on her, pressing it into her feminine belly and finally for good measure he strips her out of that sexy outfit leaving our officer in in only her tantalizing black panties. And he is by no means done, no he has lots more lifts and carries and oh so many stimulating holds, my favorite is when he puts her between the ropes then bends her toothsome body backwards by pulling down hard on her long red hair. Puma must have learned some new tricks in jail because he’s full of some very inventive destruction for one of the sexiest cops you will ever see!!!!!!

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