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Time: 25 min

The ride continues, another twenty five minutes of wild action and special effects but now the amazing holds are used to destroy and humiliate Bat Girl (Cali Logan), Andromena (Angela Sommers) instructs her android (Ariel X) to bind the purple babe in the ropes so she can lather some white goo in her mouth then shoot her with the mesmerizing cloud gun, now the sexy alien licks the goo from our stunned heroine. Then to the floor so her face can be smashed into some bizarre black jelly like substance, this is just some of what the poor bat babe’s head is jammed into – tons of white goo, even sandwiched in it. The bat beauty is now stripped naked and ordered to put on a skimpy outfit and then the android proceeds to put her in all kinds of amazing wrestling holds so Andromena can sexually stroke and humiliate her. On and on it goes, one hold after another till Bat Girl can take no more, but more there is – hung from the ceiling by bar and chain the bat ass is spanked as the sexy alien tweets bat babe’s pert nipples and stokes her sexy body, then her destroying eye rays attack Bat Girl’s now vulnerable pussy. So sexy watching the splayed purple babe hang, stretched out as the chain rides up her beautiful ass then around to her vulnerable crotch and up between her exposed breasts. This is a ride you won’t forget, both episodes filled with amazing action, great music and dazzling effects – so buckle up everyone because this is ONE HELL OF A RIDE !!!!!


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