Charlie vs. Candle


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Charlie Laine vs. Candle


Time: 21 Minutes/ 354 MB

Candle is a real Georgia peach, that’s right she’s a southern bell without the accent but with all the beauty and charm. This slender but very curvy blond is going to be a big hit, not only is she beautiful but she loves to get in and mix it up as our ever popular Charlie found out. Yes this newcomer seems so shy and lady-like but underneath that is a little wild cat with great flexibility – her ivory white limbs constantly wrap around Charlie’s supple body. The tops come off and these two really get down but Charlie is finding out that this new beauty is also in great condition as she keeps coming in for more. CANDLE is a true beauty with a face and figure that will leave you wanting more. So more is what we give you as we have added an interview with her that will help you to get to know her better.


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