Celeste vs. Sunset


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Celeste Star vs. Sunset Diamond


Time: 20 Minutes/ 334MB

Double Trouble just won’t stop – we are always on the hunt for new talent – always trying to offer our discerning fans something new. With that in mind we introduce Sunset – young, energetic and with a rock hard natural body. Yes this new blond is deceivingly strong as Celeste found out – thinking this would be a cakewalk Celeste tore into the athletic Sunset only to find a wall of muscle and energy. We find out later that Sunset is an avid motorcycle racer producing some amazing core strength that allows her over time to wear down the more accomplished brunette beauty. When Sunset’s firm body rides Celeste you can see the outline of her sinewy muscles. They start under her flaxen hair and run down her lean back – a view the pause button was made for. Another fabulous newbie who loves to get physical.


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