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Time: 37 min

PUNCHWARTZ, the name has become synonymous with amazing punching videos, especially when the two gorgeous punchers are Melissa Jacobs and Karlie Montana, with out a doubt two babes that can both take and give with the best of them. The school of Punchwartz is a magical school and the girls are always practicing their spells and it’s Melissa who first gets a spell on Karlie and transports her to the ring where she can punch with abandon, first she knuckles up and pulverizes that hard gut of Karlie, then commands the top to come off and makes Karlie slap her own breasts, she slaps hard making them jiggle in all directions, now it’s Mels turn to punch those inviting jiggling mounds of flesh, then back to killer gut slugs, next she slugs that perfect hard ass till it jiggles and sways from the blows, now on to all fours she forces her so she can slam her crotch hard into that inviting ass, over and over she slams. Time to go back to the school, but now Karlie casts her spell and it’s her turn in the ring as she repeats the pounding she got but now it’s Mel getting her tight tummy pulverizes with hard gut slugs, then of course the titties get smack around, then to the ass but this time she has Mel slap her own ass and the red head really gives her amazing ass one hell of a spanking, of course now it’s time for some very sexual ass pounds both in the corner and on all fours that beautiful bulbous butt gets pounded till it jiggles in a rhythm of erotic artistry. PUNCHWARTZ… the school we have all come to love!!!


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