Time: 20 min

Our boxing tournament moves on, in the first match: 1224-02 Kymberly Jane defeated Francesca Le in a hard hitting battle so she moves on to box the winner of this fight; Kianna Dior vs Akira Lane. Both our pugilists start out topless and what a delight it is watching the bountiful breasted Kianna shadow box in her corner, never have we seen her move better, her boxing has come a long way, both her punches and her foot work are vastly improved – she is even getting her punches to go in rhythm with her bouncing boobs, a sight to delight. Akira finds out the hard way how improved Kianna is as she has such a hard time hitting the illusive battler, but the buxom one is having no problem slugging her gorgeous Asian foe, over and over she pounds on Akira’s sweet belly, then goes to mess up that pretty face with hard blows that have Akira reeling, lucky for her there is a bell and some nice cold water to slide down he sexy body cooling her just enough so as to continue. But she will just get more of the same hard shots to both face and gut, we even get some great P.O.V. shots and we are really able to feel the pain. But Akira is learning how to do this rope a dope style and now she works to wear down Kianna, and the busty one in all exuberance may have gone too far allowing Akira to get some shots in, yes, little by little the fight turns around as Kianna now feels the jabs to the face, the blows to the ribs, and the round houses that stagger. Kianna now is thankful for the cool water that drips down her mounds of sweaty breast flesh. Now who can muster up the strength to win this slugfest, both have done their damage… two gorgeous Asians have to destroy each other to see who moves on in this fabulous boxing tournament!!!


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