Emily vs. Scott


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Emily Addison vs. Scott


Time: 26 Minutes/ 561 MB

Emily, how we love that girl, what a great figure, but come on, does she think she can take a guy? And this is Scotty, a tough guy that knows how to wrestle, she doesn’t stand a chance – he takes charge right away with: arm bars, chokes, over the shoulder back breaker, camel clutch, and holds her upside down a long time till her pile drives her. Yes, it’s goodnight little cutie, wait what’s this, she has those fabulous legs wrapped around his waist, he carries her around then falls. It’s Emily’s turn to destroy, a school girl pin with a pounding and when she wraps those shapely gams around his neck and squeezes his whole head turns red. Can she do it, can she destroy a guy? Wow, is that fair, she is showing him her tits, now dancing, rubbing against him – this is not fair, how can the poor guy take this – he so wants that wonderful body but…….


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