Ivy vs. Puma


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Ivy Sherwood vs. Puma


Time: 22 Minutes/ 508 MB

Ivy Sherwood can take it!! I mean this girl can really take all that Puma can dish out and we know the big cat can really offer up some punishment – this is one of his most brutal. Poor sweet Ivy doesn’t know what she is in for as the big bad Puma is spurred on to give her more and more, never has he stretched a fem so far; over the ropes, over his shoulders and on the mat he stretches her brown body to the breaking point. Such a cute damsel is this petit grappler, and when she get her top stripped off the Puma really takes off into his wildest rage as he sets out to break his little toy but she is too tough to break, he tries every hold in his arsenal, from camel clutches to arm stretches and everything in between… but Ivy Sherwood can take it!!!


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