Layla vs. Puma


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Everyone loves what the Puma does when the Puma does what the Puma can do. And the Puma does to who; Layla Sinn, this long maned brunette thinks she has a chance against the big cat, think again – Puma loves dispatching this sexy babe, he has waited a long time to get his hands on this stunning beauty, she looks so hot in her red leotard. Ever since Layla was Penthouse pet of the year she has been one of the most sought after women around, and now that the great Puma has his chance, he wants to make sure she never forgets him, and she most assuredly will not. All his usual destructive moves but there seems to be a little more venom than usual, those chokes seem to go a little deeper and longer, the lifts higher, and the stretches all the way to the breaking point. I mean when you get a chance at a beauty like Layla you need to take advantage of it and Puma is going all the way with this beauty. One of the most beautiful women in the world, why the hell did get involved with this big cat; arm bars, surf boards, leg bars, bear hugs, multiple lifts and so many chokes and this is only a few of the many killer moves by Puma. Everyone loves what the Puma does — especially when he does it to the stunning Layla Sinn !!!!!

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