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Time: 20 min

Lesbian beat down and nobody can do it like Jamie Lynn, she finds Prinzzess at her girl friend’s place and boy does she go crazy on her. Probably makes it worse that Prinzzess is wearing some very sexy black lingerie and thigh high stockings. I have never seen Jamie so angry, she really goes for blood, she throws the blonde against the wall and proceeds to smack her around, then throws her to the couch and sits on her – here comes the real beating with slaps across the face and slugs to the gut but this is just the beginning she takes Prinzzess from one end of the room to the other, beating on every part of her body; breasts, crotch, guts and face. Jamie rips off her top jams her knee on her chest then slams her hand under Prinzzes’ panties and gouges her pussy. Oh Prinzzess gets in a few shots, even has Jamie destroyed for awhile but eventually Jamie takes off her own shirt and bra so she can enjoy the carnage that much more. Tits are stretched, nose and lips bloody, yes Prinzzess doesn’t look too good after Jamie gets done with her. Don’t fuck around with Jamie’s girl or you’re going to get a royal beating !!!!!


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