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Time: 30 min

Sometimes there is nothing sexier that a beautiful woman in a skin tight one piece, and that is exactly what we have with these two beauties; Misty Stone and Sadie Holmes are so sexy in their boots and one pieces, and are they ready to wrestle, yes, if you have not seen either of these wild women than you have missed a real treat, we have had to stop matches because both of these ladies can go too wild on women, so when we put them together we were a bit worried, but while they go wild on each other they can both take as well as they give, so it turned out fabulous. Yes this is not a topless match but sexy Sadie could not keep her amazing breasts locked up, out they constantly pop revealing their sexy form. And talk about sticking out, Misty’s butt looks so beautiful in her so small one piece as the bottom rides up her gorgeous ass. Enough about their beauty, because the wrestling is wild and wonderful, man do these ladies roll, some basic holds; scissors, camel clutches,, chokes and legs holds but mostly these ladies roll into spontaneous holds that are fabulous and better than any name we could come up with. Multi fall and fabulous, you want to see some fun wild wrestling – this is the one !!!!!!


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