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Time: 31 min

A great long topless battle is waiting for you with this one, Jewell Marceau and Venus Delight have their Muay Thai shorts, ankle guards, and mouthpieces – they are dressed for a super battle, and a super battle it is, actually two. Match starts mid fight as breasts are being battered then we see their first fight ending but it turns into a strange one as the loser gets up and continues, even to the point of kissing and milking the winner. A new fight is set and they meet with new shorts on, Venus goes on the attack but can’t seem to connect so they go into a tight clinch, smashing their large breasts together and throwing knees into each other till down one goes – she’s up but only for more destruction to gut and breasts with kicks and slugs – the tone is set. Yes we have lots more of all this great destruction by both ladies with only interludes for corner breaks where the water drips over their large supple breasts, the mouth guards come out so they can take in water. Back at it with kicks and slugs that either put one on the canvas or bring on breast smashing clinches. Round after round till one can’t get up – but the victor wants revenge so she takes off her gloves and attacks her foe’s breasts, squishing and kneading till she gets milk to flow – it takes a long time but she sees white. A super battle with a little bit of everything!!!


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