Leonard vs. Ashley


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Ashley Grace vs.Leonard


Time: 22 Minutes/ 472MB

Leonard may be too small to handle a big beauty like Ashley Grace. That’s what we’re going to find out as they both square off in this great mixed match, soon we find that Leonard has no problem picking the statuesque beauty up, not just pick her up but slamming her down – yes Leonard has the young lovely high on his shoulders then across his shoulders, so much girl draped over this muscular smaller man. He also does a great compression of her curvy body as he wraps his arms around her neck then around her knees and pulls her into a tight matchbook. But don’t think the beauteous one is going down without a fight, no she puts her mark on this male, tight leg scissors combined with a head lock and then a great school boy pin, but in the end those back breakers, neck breakers, Boston crabs and body slams are just too much — too much for this splendid beauty to withstand! Mixing the sexes always makes for a great match and this is no exception.


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