Puma vs. Capri


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Capri Cavanni vs. Puma


Time: 21 Minutes/ 406 MB

Capri Cavanni, so popular so fast and you will quickly see why as she goes up against the magnificent Puma. Oh the firm, sleek body on this tan beauty – Puma gets the pleasure of putting his hands all over this delicacy, but he doesn’t stroke with the softness of a lover, no his touch is hard and mean – he aims to destroy. The petit beauty is so game, so ready to fight but so light in the hands of this big brute – above his shoulders she goes, hard to the canvas, his hand fits all around her tiny neck. She looks for pity but pity is not in the heart of the big cat, destruction only wets his appetite. A delicate flower won’t last long in the hands of a stalking beast – throws and holds that stretch Capri’s perfect body to the limit. Puma is at his best with small feisty victims and this is Puma at his very best!


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