Leya vs. Skylar


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Time:20 Minutes/ 429 MB

Leya Falcon, a big beautiful new blonde who as she says: likes to have a beautiful female ass in her face, so what better beautiful ass then Skylar Rene’s. Skylar has met her size match here as Leya is as big as the muscular brunette and Skylar soon finds this blonde is also very strong, they lock up in a test of strength that lasts very long being that both ladies are so strong. Right away the wild action renders both ladies topless and the brunette realizes she had better resort to her skill because the blonde is powerful, every time Skylar secures a hold blondie forces her way out, even throws on some holds of her own like when she wraps her powerful legs around the muscular ones beautiful face and squeezes. Over and over Skylar puts on devastating leg scissors, grapevines, face-sits, match books, arm bars and chokes and over and over the big sexy blonde gets away. I especially love it when both tired ladies crawl around the ring circling each other like two cats ready to pounce, so sexy and when our gorgeous brunette pounces it’s for keeps! Leya loves it all, she so wants to roll with more ladies and since she lives in Vegas she is close enough to come in when needed… so get ready guys because we have another big beautiful blonde that is anxious to roll with some of our gorgeous females – she’s ready and oh so willing!!!


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