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Time: 21 min

Karli Montana waits impatiently, anger displays her diva side as she struts around the ring in her short red skirt, black nylons and heels. Emily Addison shows up also in skirt and heels and both want the next big fight with Cali – both ladies think they’re stars and are ready to prove it. Mark wisely turns this trash talking into a challange match, the winner gets Cali. They strip down to nylons and bra, now we’ll find out who has the stronger legs as they wrap those shapely legs around waists and necks. Finally Emily sinks her knee into Kali’s throat and the first fall is over. In the second fall we find more devastating kicks that culminate in a torturous neck scissor, Karli’s well proportioned round buttocks strains as she applies pressure to Emily’s vulnerable sleek neck – then her full butt is planted on Emily’s face and the second fall ends. Final fall finds even more of these killer head kicks and of course more scissors – those strong, curvaceous legs become the real stars. The loser is forced to worship the legs of the winner – worship of those beautiful long legs seems so appropriate. If you like gorgeous girls with fabulous legs then this is the fight for you!


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