Ivy vs. Leonard


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Ivy Sherwood vs. Leonard


Time: 22 Minutes / 440 MB

Ivy Sherwood, she’s cute as they come, if you haven’t seen her yet you are missing out on one sexy lady. Ivy, in her sexy white one piece is here to take on the muscular Leonard and he is having none of this sweet girl shit – no to Leonard she is just someone stupid enough to get in the ring with him. I was quite surprised in this match though at how tough Ivy was, not just able to take abuse but damn if she didn’t dish it out with gut slugs, head locks and scissors, I think Leonard was very surprised also. But don’t get me wrong most of the time she was on the getting end of destruction, seems every time she did some damage it only made our guy angry and he lifted those body slam even higher before he crashed her gorgeous ebony body to the canvas, oh and lots of body slams, back breakers and some pile drives, not to mention all those devastating holds that stretched her limbs to the breaking point. A spunky beauty and a strong man, makes for a wild ride – enjoy !!!!!


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