Nesty vs. Minnie


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Time: 15 Minutes/ 350 MB

There is a reason we are seeing more and more of the Euro girls – they are becoming very popular. So many are requesting them for custom matches because they really go for it and they so love to go nude. Minnie, the strong, auburn-haired beauty from FF-026-03, returns to face off against a new sexy Eurobabe. Minnie is hitting the heavy bag when Nesty approaches and requests Minnie to help her learn to wrestle. Minnie finally agrees and once in the ring they start with a test of strength but the match soon turns into one sided destruction with the bigger stronger Minnie putting on ab stretches, camel clutches, leg stretcher and corner action, she especially loves slugging the little blonde, over and over she slams her fist into the tender ivory flesh of the cute little pony-tailed lass. You can’t help but to love Minnie with her beautiful tan body that she uses to destroy, when she picks up Nesty in a bear hug she whips her around and we realize how strong she is and how much she loves using her strength. Minnie also loves bodies so she soon has Nesty nude and even finds time to enjoy her body, Minnie also gets nude and we are blessed with two naked beauties rolling over each other – another great Euro match! Go back and see all the fabulous Euro girls in the Fresh Faces matches and you will see why everyone is so excited about these naked beauties that have so much fun fighting, and now we have two more – DT just can’t stop, more girls more fun, more, more, more…!!!!!!


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