Serena vs. Cali


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Could there be too many! Could we be overloading the senses? Too many beautiful women – never! So let’s add one more, Serena Blair, thanks to a customer that brought her to us we have another fabulous addition to DT. She is a petit bundle of girl next door beauty and loaded with spunk, as Cali Logan soon found out. Yes cute Cali with her nursing big breasts found herself topless and being dominated by this newbie, but the veteran turned the tables now it’s her turn to dominate, even stripped Serena naked and what a treat that was for us as she has a fabulous curvaceous young body, as natural and fresh as a mountain stream. While Cali dominated she couldn’t break this wild filly, Serena even makes a comeback, now it’s her turn to control one of DT’s hottest girls; Cali Logan, and strip her naked. Serena is an outdoor loving nature girl and it shows, she is so comfortable with her body and she has done a lot of real wrestling in the SanFrancisco area. This is Cali’s first return since having her baby so welcome back Cali and welcome to a fabulous new talent, Serena Blair – this young lady is guaranteed to please so be the first to take a look at this gorgeous little bundle of fun – overload those senses !!!!!


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