Odette vs. Randy


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Time: 28 Minutes / 653 MB

You want the cutest little blonde ever, we’re talking tiny,petit, itsy bitsy — that is Odette Delacroix, what a tiny bundle of fun. Yes, this little pixie is going to be very popular, she has a great attitude, loves rolling around with the girls and can take a lot – Randy Moore found this out, she towers over the petit, one but had a difficult time subduing her. They start out with their clothes on; short skirts, heels, shirts, and nylons, a wild cat fight ensues, Odette just loves gouging Randy’s big soft breasts and Randy loves tweaking Odette’s pert firm nipples, they soon have their tops off and are ripping at each others breast flesh. The nylons and heels stay on as they claw at butts, thighs, and of course crotches. It’s a good old fashioned cat fight with a lot of tight rolling on the floor and breast gouging. She may be small but this little pixie has a lot of spunk, when it comes to little girls, Odette will be on of our most popular, she has what it takes; cute, loves to roll and most of all she can take it !!!!!


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