Ivy vs. Alyssa


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Time: 27 Minutes / 532 MB

Ivy Sloan, what a bundle of blonde fun and she has a lot of wrestling experience too. Wanting to fit in with the DT girls she asks Alyssa Reese for a few pointers and Alyssa is happy to comply. The problem is Alyssa goes way too far showing the newbie some holds, she almost knocks her out several times with chokes and slugs – poor Ivy doesn’t know what hit her, the little cutie just wanted to be friends, she didn’t plan on being a rag doll for the amusement of this brunette demon. Now no body can take a beating like Ivy, she is well know for taking a lot of punishment, but this time she gets in one good shot of her own and it’s her turn to destroy. Alyssa isn’t used to being on the receiving end and she does not like it – but little can she do as Ivy is determined to go all the way with this pay back – now it’s Alyssa’s turn to be the rag doll. Watch as this little blond picks the firm one high off the ground in a very impressive bear hug, she is amazingly strong for her size and oh does this little spitfire love to mix it up – she is almost as good a winner as she is a loser. Those of you that know her know how great she is and those that don’t will soon know and love her. Welcome Ivy to the DT circle of ladies, she will be back in a few months to do a lot more wrestling for DT so get ready because she always is!!!!


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