Puma & Leonard vs. Francesca & Akira


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Puma & Leonard vs. Francesca & Akira


Time: 30 Minutes / 662 MB

DOUBLE TROUBLE, that’s for sure in this one. Francesca Le and Akira Lane are the ultimate in double trouble! Scott and Leonard are the guys that are about to be disgraced by two beautiful women. It starts out as a tag but the girls work their double magic on the boys and it gets crazy. If you have never bought a mixed match before this is the one to buy because these girls work so much into this one, oh the boys get some destruction in but nothing compared to the girls and when they start their double destruction, well you just have to see it to believe it, like: double head chokes with legs and arms, double horsey rides as they kick and slap those male ponies, breast smothers, crotch destruction, double face sits – I mean where two girls face sit one guy, and my favorite is where one girl gets on her knees and the other girl drives a guy’s face into her ass. And they beat up every part of the guys, even their breasts, they bite pinch and slap, how do you like it guys? Never have I seen girls enjoy destruction so much, for all the times male wrestlers used their strength to dominate – it’s time for some real payback. Two gorgeous women having their way with men – I should never let this amazing match go for the $17 price but what the hell – this is a must see – get the popcorn out and sit back because this is DOUBLE TROUBLE at it’s best!!!


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