Tylene vs. Leonard


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Tylene Buck vs. Leonard


Time: 20 Minutes/ 398 MB

Tylene Buck in her heels towers over the stout muscular Leonard, she is stunning in her sexy sling-shot bikini. Leonard tells her she will be kissing his feet and this sets the big blonde off to an attack that will have this mouthy male kissing her feet. A killer arm stretch has him on his knees begging for mercy as her heels dig in but there is no mercy in this fight, in fact she gets even worse as the fight goes on. Tylene squeezes his head between her legs, puts him in a savage Boston crab, digs her heels in his back with another arm stretch and into his side with a bow and arrow, then those heels go into his crotch and neck… how much can this poor guy take – even after he tries to kiss her feet she won’t stop. More and more pain is inflicted on this poor man as our super sexy destroyer has her beautiful breasts fly free, no way could that skimpy top hold her bountiful goodness in. It’s all one-sided destruction and Tylene loves it, she doesn’t even take off her heels until the end and that’s only to walk on his back – all glorious destruction – enjoy !!!!!!


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