Puma vs Alix


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Puma vs. Alix


Time: 20 Minutes / 448 MB

The cat is in the house, that’s right the one and only Puma is doing some house work and all this work is aimed at the cutest little blonde you will ever see: Alix Lynx, she was a gymnast so her body is amazing. The cutest little butt, and wearing an amazing little bottom that shows it off so well, it has the big cat salivating – he can’t wait to get his hands on this little beauty, so petite he can flip her over his head with little effort and that’s just what he does, her lean body spread over his shoulders with her blonde hair falling… a sight of real beauty. All the holds are put on this vixen and she proves to be quite the warrior as she takes all the punishment without breaking. Puma stretches her in so many ways it’s hard to know why she didn’t break in half, then off comes her top and more chokes and holds. Finally one more back breaker over his shoulder and a final leg spreader. It’s Puma doing what he does best, and doing it to the cutest little blonde ever!!!


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