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Time: 22 min

Never has Tylene Buck looked so fetching as when we start this video out, she is naked in bed talking to her boyfriend, intimate talk right to the camera and she looks so sweet and inviting but wait who is this coming in, Erika Jordan that’s who and she is really pissed to find a naked lady in her boyfriend’s bed. The boyfriend is watching the whole ordeal as both women talk to him, Erika talks as she strips and after an insult from the blonde she attacks, soon both nude beauties are rolling on the bed – Tylene screams for her guy to help but he doesn’t know what to do, so he just lets them fight, and fight they do. Each takes her turn on top where she can damage her foes beautiful breasts, but wait what’s this, a kiss, yes they start forcing kisses on each other just to see what he liked. To the floor they fall where they continue to roll, gouge, talk to him and kiss… and kiss some more, matter of fact these kissing sessions are becoming longer and more intense, more kissing and less fighting – what can this lead to? Two gorgeous naked ladies fighting and talking to us the whole time, and this fighting turns amorous… where can this lead… you guessed it, back to bed and guess who is invited to join? So much fun to be part of fighting and sex with two of the sexiest fighters ever !!!!!


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