Reagan vs. Christina


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Time: 17 Minutes / 391 MB

REAGAN FOXX, and a fox she is – big, beautiful and full of spunk, so full of spunk she goes up against another big beauty Christina Carter. If you like Christina, and who doesn’t then you are sure to love Reagan because she is a carbon copy of Christina, same height and body type and the same feisty attitude. Again we need to thanks as we are taking this from them, it’s part of a match they have up right now and it is amazing! As you will see these ladies love to get naked and love to fight over their men, hell, they love to cat fight over anything. You will see Reagan in all her naked glory as she rips the dress off of Christina and puts her in a killer cradle, of course this is after Christina has destroyed her. Lots of trash talking as they prepare for their war and a war it is but these cuts from Xtreme give you a great look at another fabulous addition to DT. So sit back and enjoy this big beautiful brunette and know that she will be ready to please you in this new year – Reagan Foxx brings the new year in with a bang !!!!!!


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