Lana vs. Mia


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Time: 18 Minutes / 389 MB

What better way to start the new year off than with a great new girl. Lana Violet is a spunky little Asian blonde and she is up against another of our tough Asians Mia Li, these two love to get in and get physical. They start off in string bikinis but soon the tops are ripped off and our topless babes are skin to beautiful skin, rolling and putting on the painful holds. Mia knows so much more about wrestling as she has even done competitive so Lana has to make it up with her extra effort and energy, and she has lots of energy – yes, she may be petite but she is a dynamo who loves to get physical with girls – and again we can thank the folks over at because they turned us on to this amazing little bundle of energy. They both secure many great scissors, around the body and even around the legs for control and Lana even gets the skilled Mia in and arm bar, yes this lady is special, so cute and sexy yet such a competitor. The gorgeous skin, the wild hair, the wild attitude – she is the total package… so what better way to bring in the new year than with a new beautiful face: Lana Violet – you will love her!!!


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