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Time: 24 min

Two super sexy ladies ready to duke it out, Celeste Star and Samantha Ryan are garbed in two of the smallest string bikini’s you will ever see boxers wear – so small it exposes usually hidden parts. Hard hits to gut and face as both ladies are trying for a quick knock out. The lager curvy Samantha swings so hard her black hair flies across her face but while Celeste is thin, her body is rock hard with sinewy muscles much stronger than they look. Both of these young beauties are ready to fight, but one is much more adept at boxing and the beat down begins. It starts in the first round with head and body blows and each round gets worse. Body and head bruised the battered the loser starts to clinch, desperately trying to slow down the destruction but to no avail. Two sweaty bodies, one has the sweet seat of victory the other sweats from fear and humiliation. Yes it’s a one sided beat down to total annihilation – one beautiful body is beaten from pillar to post with no pity!


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