Sadie vs. Ashley


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Time: 17 Minutes / 344 MB

HOT, HOT, HOT – let’s end the year with a bang! Sadie Holmes is just that bang, this little lady will soon be one of your favorites, she just loves rolling around the ring with girls, that smile is genuine and that smile lit up the whole gym. Sadie looks like the cute little girl next door, she has a fabulous sleek figure with pert breasts and lean brown muscular limbs. We put her up against the sexy Ashley Grace and while Ashley was bigger and more experienced Sadie did a stellar job, she just loves wrapping her firm legs around Ashley’s head or stomach and squeezing, smiling all the time as she so enjoyed it, even when Ashley Grace drops those fleshy chest pillows on Sadie to smother her, Sadie enjoyed herself and when it was over she wanted another right away so we did one and that one will come out in February. Sadie lives in Florida but plans on coming out a lot so get ready because this girl’s beauty and joy is infectious and she has tons of natural ability, she is good now but she will get so much better – you want fun, Sadie Holmes is FUN – you will love this little beauty – Sadie Holmes is just the bang we needed to end the year!!!!


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