Erika vs. Randy


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Time: 19 Minutes / 379 MB

ERIKA JORDAN, remember that name, she will be a favorite for a long time. She is a striking sleek little brunette who is very scrappy, hell, she goes way beyond scrappy she is super feisty and even better she is used to fighting, trained as a kick boxer she is used to going all the way! We thought we should put her up against another feisty beauty the ever popular, Randy Moore. Two amazing bodies going hard at it ! Mark this day down, when we first introduced this new amazing lady to DT. It’s a great fight, each lady takes her turn on top and in control. A fierce lock-up gets the battle in motion, right from the start neither will give an inch, an indicator of what we are in store for in the whole match. It’s beautiful legs wrapped around amazing bodies, it’s four pert nipples under attack, it’s great corner action as these two wild youngsters really let their hair down. I mean it, this little Erika Jordan is destined to be a star, so see her first in this fabulous match with the gorgeous Randy — A STAR IS BORN!!!!


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