Sammy vs. Miko


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Sammy vs. Miko Sinz


Time: 18 Minutes/ 366 MB

Sammy is as cute as they come and loves to get physical as Miko soon finds out. She’s the girl next door, assuming your young neighbor likes to roll on the canvas. Lean, blond, strong and with a shapely buttocks and legs made for squeezing as Miko’s poor ribs can attest. Miko starts out taking advantage of the newbie, but Sammy learns fast and is soon holding her own – even gets Miko’s top off and uses it to choke her. Sammy soaks up the moves fast and loves to get down and dirty, we will be seeing a lot more of her and hopefully her sister – that’s right she has a gorgeous sister and Sammy says they love to fight and have been doing so since they were young – we are trying to set that up, so get ready to keep it in the family. Sammy, the girl next door who loves to get physical, our newest FRESH FACE.


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