Tilly vs. Alix


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Time: 22 Minutes / 536 MB

Tilly McReese, a busty brunette who is eager to fight and Alix Lynx is more than happy to oblige, we are introduced to this new beauty with a great cat fight. These girls waste no time getting down to it as they soon have all their clothes off except for their skin tight nylons and heels, tight they hold as their breasts are smashed together, then they dig their nails into the thick strands of hair and pull. To the couch they fall where we have more tit mauling and hair pulling, finally they roll to the floor where they intertwine those sexy legs, so erotic seeing their beautiful butts through their sheer pantyhose as they strive to get into a dominant position that allows them to dig those red nails into the tender breast flesh. Tilly is more than ready to show she is a sexy fighter that you will want to see more of but first you have so see if this brunette is as sexy as she says, she just wants you to get a good look at her and nothing gives you a better look than a hot wild catfight — and that’s just what we have here – ENJOY !!!!

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