Sicilia vs. Nataly


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Time: 21 Minutes / 478 MB

Sicilia and Nataly, that’s right two new girls, two sexy Euro babes in one match – and this is no ordinary match, no this is one sexy body touching, licking, kissing wild sexathon. A brunette and a blonde start out with some hot kissing then the brunette sexually attacks the blonde’s thin body, bending her torso over a stool she goes to town, touching, kissing, and rubbing… both ladies so enjoy it all. Then out comes the oil as one is tied with her hands high and the other oils her up, again the body gets stroked from breasts to neck to waist. Time for the sleek brown brunette to have her turn, time for her body to get sucked and stroked – she is laid over the kitchen table where every inch of her torso can be seduced, oh do these nipples protrude as that wet tongue circles them. What a way to introduce two new beauties, if you like thin sexy ladies enjoying being touched and sucked you will love this one!!!


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