Jolene vs Makayla


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How about a fiery red head – I mean a real red head and with some real fire; we got her and her name is Jolene Hexx! Oh, you will love this milky babe, like all true gingers her skin is as white as milk and her hair red as fire, and her attitude is just as fiery — she is ready to wrestle so we gave her a big wild brunette; Makayla. Two big wild girls that are out to prove how tough and wild they are and you will love how they go after each other. Skimpy sling bikinis make it way too tempting to go for those body splitting wedgies and soon Red is welcomed with her pussy lips spread apart by cloth being jammed between them, but she takes the pain – hell she may even like it and soon takes her turn at tormenting beautiful Makayla as she digs her nails deep into those big soft mammaries. These are big strong girls that fight hard and go all the way, Jolene looks like she’s been doing this all her life – she so enjoys the fight and we so love having a new fiery red head — and what hot babe she is — you will love her in all her milky fiery beauty !!!!

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