SPECIAL FANTASIES – Amirah vs. Minnie


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Amirah Adara vs. Minnie Manga


Time: 21 Minutes/ 469 MB

Don’t you just love it when they start out nude, yes another great Euro match with two great Euro ladies: Amirah and Minnie. These two have super bodies, both young and sleek, they truly enjoy baring all and so eager to learn – we are privileged to watch them in a learning session. First they warm up and it is such a pleasure to see such gorgeous flesh stretching in unison to the background of music, it’s like a sexy dance routine as both these young supple bodies flex together. Then they start their training as each puts a hold on the other and makes her squeal with pain and delight – you will so enjoy watching as they stretch each other in camel clutches, scissors, grape vines, ab stretches and figure four leg locks. Both with super sexy sleek bodies, one tanned and the other ivory, they grit their teeth in pain as their partner shows her teeth with a smile. So much fun to be let in on this nude session of practice – trust me, these two will both entertain and excite !!!!!


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