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Alyssa vs. Lisa


Time: 21 Minutes/ 471 MB

School girls in their super sexy outfits, we love them and no one looks better in that short skirt than the gorgeous Alyssa Reese. She is telling us about how she beat up a girl and her motor wants revenge when the mother, Lisa Comshaw sneaks up behind her and starts choking her with shoe laces. This is the beginning of teaching this naughty school girl a lesson she won’t forget, she rubs her feet in her face, scissors her, and works her over in the corner, then it’s back to the mat where her short skirt now rides up revealing one of the greatest asses ever. After all this beating, Alyssa just gets up laughing telling Lisa how she is going to destroy her daughter next time, an enraged Lisa attacks but Alyssa is ready and now it’s the school girls turn at destruction: stomping, face sits, head scissors, corner action, chokes, pony rides and humiliation – everything this sexy little school girl can do she does. Mom won’t be coming back to teach this little girl anything soon, hell she won’t be going anywhere soon. If you love sassy sexy school girls, and who doesn’t – you will love Alyssa teaching mom a lesson !!!!!


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