SPECIAL FANTASIES – Andie vs. Christina


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Andie Valentino vs. Christina Carter


Time: 27 Minutes/ 547 MB

Complete control equals DOMINANCE and that is exactly what we have when Andie Valentino gets mouthy with the great Christina Carter, she even attempts a few holds on the busty beauty – they have no effect and now Christina is going to make this little upstart pay for her impudence, she puts her in a tight body scissors as she continues to read her book, then she decides to really show the little scamp as she throws her to the floor where she puts on a series of painful head scissors, standing and lying and to demonstrate how easy this is for her she does her nails, Andie is completely humiliated but it gets worse as Christina now walks her doggy style around the room using her hair as a leash — she isn’t done yet as she has a lot more tricks in store for the mouthy little sex pot — total control = total DOMINANCE and Christina loves it so!!!!!


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