SPECIAL FANTASIES – Diana vs. Melissa


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Diana Knight vs. Melissa Jacobs


Time: Minutes 20 / 432 MB

They are at it again yes Melissa Jacobs and Diana Knight are swinging for the fences with all those great head shots we expect from this series of matches. Again they are fighting over their skirts and who gets to wear them, they both look so sexy in their nylons and heels and sometimes those skirts come off offering a great look of a nylon clad ass. So may slaps to the face, many while they are holding the other up and some just letting it all go. And then come the punches yes punches in bunches, each takes turns pounding their foe into oblivion and it’s all to those great old cowboy fight sounds, each hit has a real crunch to it, they go limp but the pounding continues till we see who can take the most destruction!


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