SPECIAL FANTASIES – Angela vs. Idelsy


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Angela Sommers vs. Idelsy Love


Time: 18 Minutes/ 407 MB

Lift and carry, lift and carry, they go together like a horse and carriage – yes they do and we have two fabulous beauties having so much fun as they practice the ultimate pick up; Angela Sommers and Idelsy Love are working on their lift and carry. The larger shapely Angela cradles the smaller Idelsy as she swings her around the ring, they laugh as they both enjoy the experience, Angela enjoys showing her power and the petit brunette so enjoys being dominated in all carry positions, and there are a lot of fabulous carries: over the shoulder, on the back, bear hugs, cradles, fireman’s carry, everything they can think of – the beautiful blonde picks up the gorgeous brunette and whisks her around the ring in so many fun ways. So if you want to see two fabulous beauties enjoying the lift and carry experience than this is the one, sit back and smile with the beauties because lift and carry goes together like… !!!!


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