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Capri Cavanni vs. Dianna Knight


Time: 34 Minutes/ 735 MB

Oh Capri Cavanni what have you got yourself into? In your sexy tank top and frilly bottoms you find yourself in the grasp of that buxom meanie; Diana Knight – topless her beautiful breasts tower over you as she squeezes out your air with her strong scissoring legs. Now she has you on the floor, your top is pulled off so she can sit on your soft breasts squishing them in a school girl pin, she turns around and puts all her weight on your gut as she pulls your sleek legs straight up causing even more weight to squish down on you. Squish squash she comes back to slamming her butt on your breasts again, now she folds you up like a match book. Poor beautiful Capri, is it finally over — not by a long shot, no, Diana now has you back on the couch where she can again put all her weight on your sexy body – she smashes you breast to breast. Then it’s to the floor again for some true humiliation as she struts you around like her show pony — and there’s still so much more!!! Sexy Capri is just too much fun to watch getting squish squished !!!!!!


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