SPECIAL FANTASIES – Capri vs. Jenni – Part 3 of 3


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Jenni Czech vs. Capri Cavanni


Time: 19 Minutes/ 412 MB

For all those that have been waiting for the next great sensual fight with weapons, yes it’s a knife fight to see who is the strongest. Capri Cavanni and Jenni Czech are at a photo shoot and when it’s over Capri questions her and finds out she would like to do some play weapons fights – this really turns Capri on as she loves getting close to girls in these tight struggles, she even has the outfits for them to wear. They change into their small fighting bikinis and we are off – the struggle is heated and close as each of these sexy warriors pushes the limits of violence and lust. Young beautiful bodies locked in a tight struggle, their muscles strain as each tries to plunge the destructive tool in, then finally it connects and we hear the sustained groans of destructive submission. Hard to know what they like more, the touch of each others supple skin or the struggle to destroy. Two awesome young beauties that truly enjoy the game, they enjoy it so much they make it last, yes this is a three parter because the whole episode lasted almost an hour. All three sections are loaded with the action of these two heavenly bodies entwined in battles to the end, the moans and groans of annihilation – then back to the tight embraces, almost kissing in their dance of destruction, both straining for that plunge to extermination!!!!


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