SPECIAL FANTASIES – Celeste vs. Odette


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Celeste Star vs. Odette Delacroix


Time: 20 Minutes/ 429 MB

Oh yes, you wonder how strong lean sexy Celeste Star is, well watch as she carries the petit blonde, Odette Delacroix. Not just in the ring, no, Celeste cradle carries her in the back room before they even get to the ring, and once in the ring the brunette goes crazy. She does bear hug carries both front and back, over her shoulder, draped around her shoulders like a shawl, upright on her shoulders, upside down, draped down her back, and many more. Celeste even takes both their tops off and continues to pick up the cute blonde who is now pleading to be released but Ms. Star is having non of that, no she is really enjoying her new found strength. Feminine beauty at its strong best, watch her lift and carry, as Odette squirms and pleads !!!!


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